This Shit Is Not For Pablo

by doppelgangers!

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released February 8, 2013



Track Name: Hello, Ground.
A step back. I'll tell you how I am feeling tonight.
Do you really care? Should I really care?
Shit always goes nowhere. Shit always goes nowhere.
(shit everywhere)

I don't know if it's true, but is what I can read between your eyes.
"-why don't you go away?!"
well, why don't I go away?
I hate to admit it but ironically you're my reason to stay.

And if you just say it, I'll be on my away
And if you could just say it, I'll be out of your fucking way.
Track Name: Veggie ham on rye
"It began as a mistake."
Hank, you're right as usual. I should always think of you before I hesitate.
But now, as I'm losing strenght, I need something, anything, friendmade.

So if you could please kindly keep singing me your songs
So if you please keep singing me your songs

I think I'm getting better. but as it gets easier it all just feels a little worse.

So if you don't stop singing me your songs
So if you please don't stop singing me your songs

"no one will sink alone if we sing this song togueter
united we stay, united we fall
and that's what really matter"

"ninguém se conhece aqui.
nem sei o que fazer.
mas hoje eu vou passar sem nada"
Track Name: Que horas são?
Uso seu alarme pra me despertar. agora dorme enquanto eu bebo.

Não me olha esperando que eu possa te encantar, do mesmo jeito que você faz comigo.
ou com outro infeliz. que cruze o seu caminho.

Esqueço seus recados só pra te ouvir reclamar, conto as mesmas historias porque sei que vai se entediar.
Me da mais dos seus remedios pra gente não discordar.
E se eu for embora demora mais pra te irritar?
Track Name: What would it be like to be a stuffed tiger?
Try to turn this day around
singing a familiar song
Skiping class, reading my old comic books
i don't need to be anything

Don't leave me by your side
maybe i will loose my mind
and/or dissapoint you once again
i don't know what you're thinking

Sometimes i just need to sing it, scream it, or simply say it out loud. just so i can reassure somethings to myself. even if it's just words on a paper plan that got stuck into your hair
(...well, guess I'm feeling aok)